How to add an ensuite bathroom to a small bedroom

Convert your bedroom cupboard into an ensuite

Are you thinking about adding an ensuite to your home? If you think you don’t have enough space for one think again! An ensuite can be built into the smallest place in your home to provide you with that much-needed second bathroom.

This is an example of a customer who wanted to add a second bathroom to their Victorian home but didn’t have enough space. They desired a private bathroom where they could shower without interruptions.

They decided to put the ensuite in their smallest bedroom, which previously housed an empty cupboard. To save space, they first chose a sliding pocket door. This improved the flow and accessibility to the ensuite and bedroom.

Handmade cabinets were chosen that complemented the aesthetics of their home. To make the most of the available space and provide much-needed storage, a wall cupboard and sink unit were custom-built. A small towel rail was installed, which was tucked in on the wall by the door to take advantage of the available wall space.

To give the ensuite a modern feel, a concealed shower was installed. Allowing the owners to move around in the shower with ease without bumping into the taps and changing the water pressure.

I also used Classi Seal®, a flexible waterproofing solution that ensures no leakage, because leaky shower trays are the number one call back for shower installers.

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