Are bespoke fitted wardrobes worth it?

Are bespoke fitted wardrobes worth it?

Are you weighing up whether bespoke fitted wardrobes are worth it? You know traditional free standing furniture will make your room look clunky and smaller but you can’t decide whether you can justify a bespoke option? You’ve contacted a ‘big name’ supplier for costs and nearly fell off your chair? Sound familiar? According to Which nearly one in ten people choose an independent joiner/carpenter rather than a big brand for their fitted wardrobes.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes

Here are six reasons why you should invest in bespoke fitted wardrobes and why you should use a local joiner/carpenter.

1) More cost effective

One of the main reasons customer opt for a local joiner/carpenters is the cost. Because they offer bespoke solutions they are more likely to provide a solution that meets your budget. Sometimes you don’t need to invest in costly carcasses that big brands supply which can keep your costs lower. Also, smaller firms don’t need to invest in expensive advertising so this cost is not passed onto the customer. Making buying your fitted wardrobes from a local joiner/carpenter far more cost effective.

2) Better design and installation

Local joiner/carpenters provide a totally bespoke unique solution to suit to your needs. This means you are not limited to a certain design or fit and can benefit from a more precise fitted wardrobe that is designed to your specific requirements. Whether this is floor to ceiling wardrobes to maximise the space or being sympathetic to period property features, you can design a solution that’s right for your home. Local joiner/carpenters also rely on word of mouth so they are more likely to offer better quality and service to ensure repeat business. As a local joiner/carpenter I take pride in my work and have a passion for creating unique designs. This offers my customers a better choice when it comes to finding a solution to their bedroom storage needs.

3) Optimise space and make your room feel bigger

When purchasing fitted wardrobes from a local joiner/carpenter you are not buying from a catalogue or showroom. These will be designed specifically to your needs. This means better organisation and space saving for you, especially in bedrooms that require creative solutions to fully maximise on space, such as making use of awkward corners or alcoves. A local joiner/carpenter can adapt shelving and hanging rails that meet your wardrobe needs, so if you want higher hanging space or prefer more shelving this is easily adaptable.

4) Add value to your house

Research shows that adding good quality fitted wardrobes will add value to your house. So, if you are thinking about selling in the near future and are worried about investing in fitted wardrobes, these are actually more likely to attract potential buyers. If in the future you do decide to sell, fitted wardrobes will give you the edge over other sellers, where buyers are looking for storage solutions when considering purchase. A local joiner/carpenter is likely to offer a better quality solution to meet your needs.

5) Better lead times

Using a local joiner/carpenter means you can enjoy your fitted wardrobes much sooner! The average lead time for big brands can range between one to two months with most customers reporting that fitting took longer than planned. According to Which the most common problem customers found getting their fitted wardrobes was due to parts or pieces being damaged. A local joiner/carpenter make every wardrobe in their local workshop which drastically reduces lead times, and because they are made locally damages are unlikely and delivery is quicker, meaning you get your fitted wardrobe much sooner.

6) Better service

One of the best reasons to use a local joiner/carpenter for your bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they offer a better overall service. Experienced joiners/carpenters can come up with creative solutions to match your exact needs and specifications that you just won’t get from big brands. They can work around your existing layout and décor and can create a wardrobe that really fits your room. With skilled joiner/carpenters all work is carried out to a high standard with the flexibility to meet your needs, offering you a better service.

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